Enjoy the peace of nature in Lapland

At Lystikämä Country & Lake Retreat in Rovaniemi you can spend your time without going anywhere

Lystikämä Country & Lake Retreat and the surrounding nature offer plenty to do for everyone all year round! The farm has a large yard and 600 metres of its own family-friendly beach.

The more adventurous head to the sandy beach for a swim or sledging down a hill, while the more laid-back enjoy themselves on the terrace or lounging on the pier. There is also a wide range of interesting sights and hiking destinations nearby.

Activities and services

Experiences for summer and winter

Northern Lights

This is the best place to see the Northern Lights, as there are no light-emitting towns nearby. You can enjoy the Northern Lights as soon as you step outside, so there's no need to book a separate Northern Lights tour.

Fishing and boating

The farm is located on a fishing lake - you can fish for pike perch, whitefish, perch and pike - no permits are needed as the water area belongs to the farm. You can borrow a rowing boat for free, and you can hire an electric motor for a small fee.


Snowmobile rides and guiding services available at different prices from the owner. Possibility to rent an Irbis snowmobile from the owner. It's smaller and slower than normal snowmobile and ideal for example, ice fishing trips. The Rovaniemi -Ranua snowmobile route runs on ice 200m from the accommodation.

The beaches

Lake Siika-Kämä (2 km long, 800 m wide) has a gently sloping shore, a hard sand/stone bottom and a pier. Swimming is also possible on the child-friendly sandy beach next to the cottage.

Sheep, chickens and dogs

The farm has sheep and chickens from around mid-June to the end of September. You can visit the animals and feed them on the farm. There is also a kennel on the farm with small, gentle dogs that you can interact with if you wish.

Berry picking and hunting

For berry pickers there are good cloudberry swamps and berry forests nearby. For hunters, there are state lands nearby (permit required).

Husky tours

Popular husky safaris are in Ranua and Vanttauskoski, a 30-40 minute drive away.


There is a sledding hill on the farm and sledges are free to borrow. You can also borrow a kicksledges on the farm for free.

Snowshoeing and skiing

A 5 km cross-country ski trail runs from the farm in winter - pairs of skis are available for hire. Guests can also rent snowshoes.

Ice fishing

Ice fishing continues until the end of April, and equipment can be hired from us.


On the calm lake you can enjoy the peace and nature of Lapland by paddle boarding.

Mountain biking

Mountain bike riders will be able to explore the network of forest roads leading from the yard.

Nature trail with fireplaces

A one kilometer-long nature trail starts from the courtyard, which includes a shelter and a fireplace.

Alpacas at Villa Taiga Forest

Villa Taigametsä is an alpaca farm located near the border of Rovaniemi and Ranua municipalities. On the farm you can relax in the company of alpacas in the middle of beautiful Lapland nature.

Need a ride?

Transportation service

If you need a ride from the centre of Rovaniemi or the airport to Lystikämä Country & Lake Retreat, it's easy for just 90€ each way.

20 km Alpaca farm Villa Taigametsä, Saari-Kämä
47 km Arctic Adventure Wolf Trail, Vanttauskoski
48 km Ranua Zoo, Ranua
48 km Arctic Borealis Huskies, Ranua 
50 km Auttikönkä hiking area and waterfalls, Rovaniemi
60 km Rovaniemi 
60 km Ounasvaara Ski Resort, Rovaniemi
70 km Arctic Circle and Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi
72 km Korouoma Canyon and Gorge Valley, Posio 

Welcome to enjoy the peace of nature!